Survivor Services

Each year more than 44,000 people die in the United States by suicide, leaving thousands of parents, siblings, wives, husbands, sons, daughters and friends to survive the tragic loss. The Helpline Center provides multiple services for survivors of suicide.

Please contact Sheri Nelson at 605-274-1416 or 211 for more information regarding any of these services. The following services are provided:

Support Packets

Survivor support packets are filled with helpful information and resources about the grief process. They are given or mailed to any survivor that requests one in South Dakota. If you would like to receive a support packet, please click here.

Surviving After Suicide Monthly Support Group

The SAS Monthly Support Groups is held the first Thursday of each month from 7:00-8:30pm at the Helpline Center – 1000 N. West Ave, Suite 310.

Our SAS meetings are held in an atmosphere that is warm and friendly and nonjudgmental. Anyone who has lost a family member or friend is invited to attend, whether it is a recent loss or many years ago. Feelings shared are kept confidential and discussed only within the confines of the group meeting. Thus, our SAS support groups provide a comfortable, non-threatening setting to share our experiences and thoughts.

Questions are encouraged to help in coping with the different stages of the grieving process and with the feelings that are particularly intense in the aftermath of suicide-denial, shock, disbelief, sadness, anger, guilt and shame. We end our discussion sessions by sharing something positive that has recently taken place or something good you are anticipating.

There is no fee and no registration required.  You are welcome to attend at anytime.

Surviving After Suicide (SAS) – 10 Week Class

The Surviving After Suicide Class is designed to help survivors of suicide express and understand the troubling grief, stigma, sadness and pain they feel in a safe and supportive environment. The Helpline Center is pleased to offer this ten week education/support class for survivors of suicide. Each class focuses on a unique aspect of survivor grief and is followed by a support session allowing members to share their stories. The supportive mourning process is guided by participant needs and a handbook organized chronologically to follow the days, weeks, and months after a suicide loss. It includes straightforward information about psychiatric disorders, when to seek professional help, and practical strategies for coping and healing.

The classes are held three times a year usually in January, April and September. The SAS Class is held on Tuesday evenings from 7:00-8:30pm for 10 consecutive weeks at the Helpline Center. Registration is required and we ask that you commit to attending all of the 10 sessions. There is no charge for the class, but pre-registration is required along with a commitment to attempt to attend all ten sessions. This class is for adults ages 18 plus. Registration is required.

Next available sessions:

Survivor Newsletter

A newsletter is distributed quarterly for any survivor wishing to be on our mailing list. It contains educational and supportive articles in addition to information about survivor services and events.
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Caring Cards

Caring cards are made by survivors who know the pain of losing a loved one to suicide and are sent to survivors near the anniversary of their friend or family member’s death.

If you are survivor interested in receiving caring cards, please sign up here.

We would love to have you join us at the next Caring Card Creation Event. Next date is to be scheduled in Fall 2017. If you are interested in making caring cards with other survivors and be notified of the event, please sign up here.

LOSS Program

This program, Local Outreach to Suicide Survivors, works with the Sioux Falls Police Department and Minnehaha County Sheriff’s Department to provide a volunteer support team visit to survivors immediately following the news of their loved one’s death. The team members consist of Helpline Center staff and volunteer survivors.

Children’s Grief Groups

This is a specialized grief group for children bereaved by suicide. The groups use a combination of interactive activities with caring conversation to support children in finding a way to express their grief.

School-Aged Children Children ages 6 through 12 give and receive support as they share feelings about their loved one who has died by suicide. Healing is promoted through caring discussions and activities.

Teen Group Children ages 13 through 18 are assisted in expressing and understanding their grief in a supportive environment with other teens who had a loved one die by suicide.