Helpline Center names July Volunteer of the Month

Pictured are Chad Moller (Branch Manager, Dakotaland Federal Credit Union), Connie Christensen (Senior Companions of SD), Lorraine Kracke (July Volunteer of the Month), Kristen Fox (Senior Companions of SD), and Amy Ballou (Volunteer Connections Coordinator, Helpline Center)

The Helpline Center congratulates Lorraine Kracke on being named the July 2017 Volunteer of the Month, an area-wide award program sponsored by the Helpline Center and Dakotaland Federal Credit Union.

There to honor and thank Lorraine were Chad Moller, Branch Manager of Dakotaland Federal Credit Union; Kristen Fox and Connie Christensen of Senior Companions, who nominated Kracke; and Amy Ballou, Volunteer Connections Coordinator.  

The Senior Companion Program is one of South Dakota’s most successful programs for the elderly. As a Senior Companion, Lorraine provides supportive services that enable adults who need some assistance to maintain independent living. She provides weekly, scheduled visits to individuals living in their homes or apartments. Since beginning the Senior Companion Program on March 24, 2014, Lorraine has volunteered a total of 2,806.75 hours and received the Gold Presidential Award in 2015. She is currently serving 16 hours each week with her five clients.

Connie Christensen says about Lorraine, “Lorraine is a kind and caring person. She is very thoughtful and very giving; she genuinely cares for the well-being of her clients. Her clients in return, genuinely care for her and know they can depend on her visits every week. Lorraine once said to me, “It’s their day, not my day. I will jump through hoops to do what I can for them”. Her clients are very appreciative for the help she provides them. She does not feel like she does that much, but they constantly tell her how grateful they are for her.” She makes a tremendous impact in her client’s lives by the “little things” she does like reading labels for them at the grocery store, shopping for the perfect bird feeder, picking out flowers for planters, picnicking at the park, or taking a widow to visit her husband’s grave. Lorraine feels it is important to advocate for her clients, to keep them healthy and active.”

The Senior Companion Program would like to express our sincerest appreciation to Lorraine Kracke, our 2017 Volunteer of the Month nominee, for the endless hours of happiness and joy she has given not only to her clients but to the Program staff and her fellow volunteers as well.

Please contact Amy Ballou at or call 211 for more information.

Thank you to Dakotaland Federal Credit Union for its support!


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