June Volunteer of the Month recognized in Sioux Empire

Pictured (L to R): Jenny Centra, Active Generations; Joanne Avery, June Volunteer of the Month; Susie Ryks, Helpline Center; Natalie Story, MetaBank

The Helpline Center congratulates Joanne Avery on being named the June 2017 Volunteer of the Month, an area-wide award program sponsored by the Helpline Center and MetaBank.

Joanne began volunteering for Active Generations in 2008. She works twice a week in the gift shop but also assists with many fundraisers which include bake sales and craft bazaars. But it is really the “behind the scenes” activities that make Joanne’s contributions so amazing. Her crafty skills are amazing. She has a knack for taking a pack of gum or mini-candy bar and turning them into a cute and “scrumptious” party favor or child’s gift. She never lacks for ideas for gag gifts Active Generations then sell in the gift shop. Some of her best sellers include: “Fisherman’s Survival Kit”, “Whining Bag” “Foolproof Fish Bait” and “Square Golf Balls” which comes with all the reason’s they’re better then round ones. Besides these fun gag gifts, Joanne keeps the Active Generations’ gift shop well stocked with her beautiful creations of knitted caps for babies and children, handmade dish towels, and crocheted dish towels.

A fellow volunteer, Nancy Lange said, “I don’t know where she gets all her ideas for crafts, but I do know that each and every craft it made with skill and a warm heart and a big smile! She does it with joy.”

Joanne has given more than 5,000 hours to Active Generations alone in the past 8 years. That is not even counting the hours she gives other community organizations. She does and gives without the thought of recognition or accolades. Because of her commitment and dedication Active Generations continues to be a place older adults and their families come to for services. She is truly an inspiration to others.

The Helpline Center and MetaBank are pleased to present Joanne with a framed certificate, a gift from MetaBank and a letter of appreciation from Mayor Huether. We will also honor Joanne again at the Spirit of Volunteerism Awards banquet on May 10, 2018.

For information on volunteer opportunities please call the Helpline Center at 211 or visit volunteer.helplinecenter.org.

Sioux Empire Volunteer of the Month Sponsored by:

2017-2018 Volunteers of the Month

June 2017, Joanne Avery, nominated by Active Generations


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