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Child Care Helpline

Choosing child care is one of the most important decisions you will make for your child.

Ways to Find Care!

1. Call 211 for assistance from our Child Care Specialist on finding the right care for your family!

2. Complete an intake for referrals to be emailed to you.

3. Search by a Location
This includes Child Care Centers/Preschools/School Age program in the Sioux Empire.

4. Search online through the Child Care Database
This search includes childcare centers and city licensed in-home providers and requires registration.

Additional Ways:

Parent Information on Choosing Childcare

  • Child Care Guide The guide contains information for recognizing quality child care and interviewing providers, as well as information about state and local registration requirements.
  • Interview Form Interviewing a potential provider can seem intimidating. The interview will likely tell you whether the provider will be a good match for your family, so it is very important. The Helpline Center has created an interview sheet with a list of specific questions that you can bring with you when you meet the provider. The Helpline Center suggests bringing this form when meeting with potential providers.
  • South Dakota Parenting Resources Parenting is a journey with many questions. Fortunately, there many resources available for you along the way. Click here to learn more about what the state offers through the Department of Social Services, and to find easy access to information on developmental screenings, Head Start and Birth-to-3 programs.
  • HelpSheets Informational documents that provide a brief overview of a designated topic as well as the keywords to search in our online database.  We’ve published HelpSheets on a variety of topics, and two that are specifically geared towards childcare

Provider Intake/Update Information

  • Joining the Child Care Helpline is a free and simple process. You can contact the Child Care Specialist by dialing 211 or emailing
    • Requirements: State Registered and/or Licensed by the City of Sioux Falls.

Already in the database, but need to update?