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Each and every day, professionals use the Helpline Center’s website to assist their clients/patients/customers.  The information below will help guide you in using our website and other tools available. 

211 University

  • 211 University is an hour long ‘how to’ on incorporating the Helpline Center resources into your daily work.
  • Quotes from past participants:
    • “Thank you for a concise presentation of all of the helpful resources contained within 211. This will be of considerable use when I work with my Medicaid, Medicare, and other populations that have difficulty accessing services.”
    • “I was not familiar with 211 prior to the training as I am a new professional. Great information and overview of the tools/information. The presenters were clear and knowledgeable!”

How-to Videos About Using the 211 Resource Database

Printable Resources/Lists

  • Printable resources for individuals:
  • Lists for organizations:
    • The Helpline Center can create an specialized data export of resource information for your organization. Fill out the List Request Form and database staff will follow up with you. The fee for this service is $100.00 for non-profits, and $200.00 for for-profit businesses.  

Marketing Ideas

  • The Helpline Center does a variety of things to promote the 211 number, but we would love your help spreading the word.  Here are some ideas you could use to raise awareness of 211 in your community:
    • The best way… word of mouth! Within funded areas, encourage others to dial 211, or text their zip code to 898211 
    • Hang a poster at your local organizations (download our 211 Resource Database poster). We recommend hanging these in community spaces, such as libraries, at non profit or government buildings. 
    • Like us on Facebook and Instagram, and share our posts! 
    • Celebrate 211 Day (February 11th each year)! Use your creativity and let us know your plans! 
    • Download one of our 1/3 page fliers that can be used/inserted into any kind of mailing from your organization (such as utility bills, newsletters, property tax statements, etc).  Color insert. Black and white insert
    • If you have a place to distribute printed marketing materials, email our Marketing Director ( or fill out our form called Request for Marketing Materials.
    • Add the Helpline Center logo to your website… email our Marketing Director (
    • If you work in a place where members of the general public search the internet, add a shortcut to our 211 Resource Database on your desktop. Work with your IT department to make a shortcut to, and then save the 211 icon over the top (click here for icon file). 

Adding / Updating Programs in the 211 Resource Database

Partnerships and Trainings

Community Data

Helpline Center collects data on an aggregate level to share with the community and inform decision makers. Community stakeholders utilize the data to make informed decisions across the community. Click here to view local community trends documents.