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Subsidized Housing List for Families in Sioux Falls

Types of Housing Assistance

  • Public Housing: The low-rent housing units under this program are owned and managed by a local Public Housing Agency (PHA). The family must apply at the PHA office. The program is available to families, elderly and qualified singles whose income is below certain limits.
  • Housing Choice Vouchers: Many PHAs provide Housing Choice Vouchers (HCV) which are often time referred to as Section 8. You must apply at the PHA office. When qualified, you will be issued a voucher. It will be your responsibility to find a suitable rental unit that meets your needs. The PHA will inspect the unit that you select to ensure it meets HUD’s housing quality standards. When the PHA accepts the unit, you will pay your share of the rent directly to the landlord. The PHA will pay the landlord the difference between what you pay and what the rental unit normally costs.
  • Project Based Assistance: This type of rental assistance is tied to the project. A family must apply directly at the project that has assistance. The owner or manager will determine if the family qualifies, based on their income, and how much the family must pay. The owner has a contract with HUD which will pay the owner the amount of rent over the family’s portion.

How to Qualify for Rental Assistance

In order to start the process, you must apply directly to the apartment complex or the housing authority. Some of the facilities may have waiting lists. Some of the information you will be required to provide includes: 
• Your income – from all sources
• Your assets (NOT counting personal property like your car)
• Appropriate evidence of handicapped or disability status, if applicable
• The size and composition of your family
• Your age (some units are reserved for those over age 62)
In addition to verification of income, most public and private rental properties have admission criteria which may be different for each property. They may seek information including a police background check, credit check, previous landlord references, etc. to qualify you for admission.

This list was created in partnership with the Sioux Falls HUD Field Office and Minnehaha County. It contains sites with subsidized housing for families . Please contact the Property Management Company regarding possible openings/waiting list. 

Helpful Contacts

  • HUD Sioux Falls Field Office – 4301 W. 57th Street, Suite 101 Sioux Falls, SD 57108
    • (605) 330-4223      
  • Sioux Falls Fair Housing Office  – 224 W 9th Street, Sioux Falls, SD 57104
    • (605) 367-8745       
  • Public Housing Authorities: 
    • Sioux Falls Housing – 630 S Minnesota Avenue, Sioux Falls, SD 57104                     
      • (605) 332-0704       
    • Canton Housing – 903 W. Fifth Street, Canton, SD 57013       
      • (605) 764-5722                        
    • Lennox Housing – 217 S. Pine Street, Lennox, SD 57039
      •   (605) 647-2140            

Helpful Websites