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March 5, 2020

Reading for Healing

The following reviews are for two books that are among those available to borrow at no charge from the Helpline Center’s grief support library.  For more information, contact Jennie at or by calling (605) 274-1416.The Gift of Second: healing from the impact of suicideBrandy LidbeckOctober, 2016 by Gift PubFrom the publisher:Brandy Lidbeck is a  [ more ]

March 5, 2020

The Need to Tell Your Story

The Need to Tell Your Story, by Jennie Marks                                                                                         “A mourner is perforce a person with a story.The pity is how rarely it gets told.” – Christian McEwanThere is a difference between grief and mourning. Grief is all the natural feelings we feel and is a natural response we  [ more ]

January 24, 2020

Sioux 52 Mentoring Initiative

Sioux 52 is a collaboration between the City of Sioux Falls, Helpline Center, the Downtown Rotary Club of Sioux Falls, Lawrence & Schiller as well as business leaders and mentoring organizations in the Sioux Falls region.Click on the link below to learn more about this exciting new initiative!Sioux 52 Website 

December 13, 2019

211 Day

National 211 Day is a time to recognize the important and comprehensive services that 211 brings to each community we serve.  On a national level, 211 is currently available to 94.6% of the country’s population. In South Dakota, 75% of the entire population has access to 211 through the Helpline Center. Each year our professionally  [ more ]

December 13, 2019

When Disaster Strikes

Our beautiful state was devastated this past year with disasters that left our neighbors recovering, rebuilding, and often reeling from the stress of it all. The Helpline Center is committed to providing critical support and connections to communities after a disaster. Our response happens by providing hope and support through our 211 Call Center and  [ more ]

December 11, 2019

Survivors of Suicide Attempts Support Group

The Helpline Center will soon begin offering a support group for suicide attempt survivors. The support group will provide a chance to meet others who have survived a suicide attempt, and an opportunity to learn skills that will help cope with suicidal thoughts and feelings in order to stay safe in the future.For more information,  [ more ]

November 27, 2019

Surviving After Suicide Support Class

The Helpline Center is pleased to offer this 10-week education and support class for survivors of suicide. Each class of the 10 weeks focuses on a unique aspect of survivor grief and is followed by a support session allowing members to share their stories. The supportive mourning process is guided by a guidebook and journal  [ more ]

October 30, 2019

Healing Reads

The following reviews are for two books that are among those available to borrow at no charge from the Helpline Center’s grief support library. For more information, contact Jennie Marks via email at or by calling (605)274-1416.Dying to Be Free, a Healing Guide for Families after a SuicideBeverly Cobain and Jean LarchHazelden Publishing, 2009Beverly  [ more ]

October 30, 2019

Is Support Group Right For You?

By: Jennie MarksHelpline Grief Support CoordinatorIn the face of a recent suicide loss, many people suggest a support group to survivors. You may wonder if that advice is right for you. Support groups are not for everyone, but to many survivors they provide a safe space to express feelings and share memories with others who  [ more ]

October 30, 2019

The Mind-Body Connection: Taking Care of Your Health During Grief

The mind and body are intricately connected, which results in a physical response to our emotions, thoughts, and actions. Poor emotional health weakens the body’s immune system, making us more susceptible to minor illnesses, infections, such as colds and flu, and long-term illnesses. Consequently, the manner in which we take care of our health while  [ more ]

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