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COVID-19 Small Business/Employment/Child Care Assistance Information

Guidance on returning to work, school or other activities

Child Care Assistance

  • If you have had a change to work hours/the hours you need care for your children, please notify the Child Care Assistance Program at (605) 773-4766, toll-free 1-800-227-3020, or email

Preparing for Financial Uncertainty

 Search our 211 Resource Database and search for Debt Consolidation or Personal Financial Counseling. 

Laid off or reduced hours, due to COVID?

Small Business Information

Sioux Falls Chamber Resources

  • The Sioux Falls Area Chamber of Commerce launched a new concentrated effort, called Support Sioux Falls, to serve as a resource for Sioux Falls area businesses dealing with the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic.
  • Support Sioux Falls consists of a website at and a resource hotline – (605) 373-2005 or These tools provide access to information needed for business operations, connect consumers to ways they can support local businesses and offer a channel for business leaders to share concerns about the type of ongoing support needed from our government and program leaders.
  • Among the website features are:
    • Directories for Restaurants, Retailers and General Business. Businesses can register within in the appropriate directory with information on gift cards, pickup/delivery options and special services or adjustments to your business model.
    • Resource documents and links to partners at the local, state and federal level providing information for businesses in the wake of COVID-19.
    • Access to the Business Resource Hotline. The Chamber wants to hear from you! Use this communication tool to let them know what issues and concerns are a priority for you. The information will get relayed to the local, state and federal officials to aid in their decision making.
    • Please reach out to the Chamber for more information or assistance.

Guidance on What Jobs are “Essential” 

The Department of Homeland Security has specific guidance regarding essential and non-essential businesses.  They have a list of Essential Critical Infrastructure Workforce. Click here for more info. 

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