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febrero 17, 2021

Survivor Voices

Survivor Voices: Sharing the Story of Suicide Loss is a two-day training designed to teach those bereaved by suicide how to speak safely and effectively about their experience and loss. Through the sharing of personal stories, survivors of suicide loss provide insight that goes beyond traditional suicide prevention training. These insights can promote healing for  [ more ]

febrero 17, 2021

Surviving Suicide Loss, Surviving Traumatic Stress

by Jennie MarksThe terms trauma and traumatic stress do not apply only to survivors of war, natural disaster, physical, emotional, or sexual abuse, violent crime, or of a horrific accident. They also apply to those who have suffered a loss through the death of someone close to them. The trauma is even greater when the death  [ more ]

febrero 15, 2021

Spirit of Volunteerism: COVID-19 Edition

The Spirit of Volunteerism Awards is a long standing event that celebrates the contributions of volunteers in the Sioux Empire and Black Hills communities. In 2021, we will be focusing on appreciating COVID-19 volunteers.  Those who have stepped up and volunteered during the pandemic. Honorees could include but not limited to those who:– Volunteered during a  [ more ]

diciembre 28, 2020

Safe Space SD

Life throws a lot at us sometimes. Navigating the twists and turns brought on by school, friends, work or health issues can sometimes leave us in a place that we don’t want to be. If you are feeling lonely, frustrated or uncertain about the future it’s okay to reach for a helping hand. The Helpline Center is dedicated to getting you  [ more ]

noviembre 12, 2020

Ring Theory Helps Us Bring Comfort In…and “Dump” Our Own Stuff Out

Ring Theory Helps Us Bring Comfort In … and “Dump” Our Own Stuff OutBy Elana Premack Sandler, L.C.S.W., M.P.H.Reprinted, with permission, from Psychology Today, May, 2017A few years ago, psychologist Susan Silk and her friend Barry Goldman wrote about a concept they called the “Ring Theory.” It’s a theory to help yourself know what to  [ more ]

noviembre 12, 2020

International Survivors of Suicide Loss Day

When seemingly happy, travel-infatuated CJ Twomey violently ended his own life at age 20, his family was plunged into unrelenting grief and guilt. In a moment of desperate inspiration, his mother Hallie put out an open call on Facebook, looking only for a handful of travelers who might help fulfill her son’s wish to see  [ more ]

octubre 22, 2020

SD CARES Housing Assistance Program

The State of South Dakota in collaboration with SD Housing Development Authority, Helpline Center, and partner agencies, are making available CARES Act funding to assist South Dakota residents with housing expenses. If you have been financially impacted due to COVID-19, the SD CARES Housing Assistance Program (SDCHAP) may provide temporary rental, mortgage, or utility assistance  [ more ]

septiembre 15, 2020

South Dakota Food Pantry Map

In response to over 11,000 requests for food resource, the Helpline Center is happy to announce the launch of our newly developed South Dakota Food Pantry map.  We will continue to innovate and evolve to meet the changing needs of our state and this interactive map will be an additional way we can assist individuals  [ more ]

septiembre 1, 2020

Can a New Pet Help You Through Your Suicide Grief?

by: Jennie MarksI have heard many survivors comment, “I keep getting told that I should get a pet.” I have seen first-hand that pets who were part of their owner’s lives prior to their loss have found great solace in having that relationship to rely on, especially if that animal is a connection to the  [ more ]

septiembre 1, 2020

Live Through This: A Lifetime with Suicidal Thoughts, & Art as Social Justice

As South Dakota’s leader in suicide prevention and crisis response, we’re honored to host Dese’Rae L. Stage during Suicide Prevention Week. Dese’Rae is an award-winning artist, mom, suicidologist, and activist. Her organization, Live Through This, reminds us that suicide is a human issue by amplifying survivors’ voices through raw, honest stories of survival, and pairing  [ more ]

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