The Compassion Project Unveiling & Dedication

© Julie Prairie Photography 2016

The inspiration for Compassion is a true champion of reaching out to those in need. Fern Chamberlain  irrevocably changed the face of our community for the better. At her core, Fern was compassionate, and time and time again she stepped forward to lessen the suffering in our community. The sculpture does not depict Fern Chamberlain, but instead is inspired by the compassion she showed throughout her lifetime.  The fingerprints of her work can be seen daily in our community.  She played a role in starting multiple core non-profit organizations in our community including the Helpline Center, Active Generations, and the food pantry at Feeding South Dakota. She led the charge in creating a pathway to success for those less fortunate by speaking up and speaking out for those whose voices are not often heard. She touched thousands of lives through her life and her legacy continues to impact countless others.

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