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Helpline Center News Feed

Please stay updated! It may be helpful to leave this screen open to refer to throughout your shift. Refresh the page often – we update real time as new information is available! New information is in orange!

The on-call sheets can be found by clicking here: Weekday On-Call / Saturday On-Call / Sunday On-Call

Connection Center Information/Reminders

  • Reminder to look into a resource that you are providing every time you refer it b/c information is constantly changing!  Check to see if there is a temporary message at the top and then scroll down in iCarol to COVID-19 updates on the agencies referral page to stay up to date on new information!
  • If you fill out a form/application for a caller it is ADVOCACY call type (this includes food distribution and mask donation calls too!)

  • Necessities for Neighbors at the First Lutheran site is NOT functioning at this time – they have given all of their resources to CoronaHelp. If a caller is in need of any of the items we would usually refer to Necessities for Neighbors for, please offer to complete CoronaHelp Basic Needs form or provide the Peace Lutheran date option if it is in the near future. 
  • All tax appointments have been suspended. Encourage callers to use free file options on IRS website. Filing deadline extended to July15. At this time there are no plans to reschedule appointments for this year.

  • No Furniture Mission Referrals (FM is closed until further notice – no reopen date at this time)
  • Medication Disposal: Due to the response to COVID-19, individuals are encouraged to utilize Dispose Rx packets to clean out their medicine cabinets rather than visiting drug take back sites if possible. For a Dispose Rx packet, contact the South Dakota Resource Hotline at (800) 920-4343 – there is a form to fill out with caller’s information to mail them a packet!
  • Reminder: if you are taking information from a caller that you are going to pass on to the Disaster Group, Betsy, or Jamie please gather all caller’s relevant information (name, call back number, etc)
  • Do you have a caller that accepts a follow-up from one of our COVID-19 Support Specialists? Instead of scheduling a follow-up, please utilize the “COVID Support Program Referral Form” found in the COVID Support Program resource in iCarol.

Statewide Government Office Information

  • County offices will begin opening June 1st

  • City of Sioux Falls offices will begin opening to the public Monday, May 18th in limited capacities. The service counter at both City Hall and City Center will reopen while encouraging customers to social distance until protective barriers are installed.
  • DSS offices are working remotely so it is more difficult for callers to get in touch with them. Encourage callers to leave a voicemail if prompted or utilize the “contact us” option on their website.

  • Department of Public Safety Drivers License Renewal stations statewide will begin to be open “by appointment only” beginning on May 18; to schedule an appointment, applicants need  to call 605-773-6883 or email Staff will prioritize appointments according to need. Online renewal is still availableDepartment of Public Safety – Licensing
    • Governor Noem  signed an executive order that extends the state’s emergency declaration through Dec. 30, 2020; that means the expiration date for driver licenses is extended through the duration of the emergency declaration plus an additional 90 days or March 30, 2021.

Sioux Falls Specific Information

  • Effective April 30th, Sioux Falls Parks are now open (shelters, restrooms & drinking fountains remain closed)
  •  Mayor TenHaken’s “No Mingling” ordinance was repealed at the City Council meeting on 5/26; this means that there will be no restrictions on businesses in SF starting Friday 5/29 but businesses are encouraged to continue to follow CDC and DOH guidance. The council stressed it is now up to residents to maintain personal responsibility.
  • Questions about the SOAR Business Technical Assistance Program? Officials with the City of SF Health & Planning Development departments will work with businesses on their compliance with city ordinances, state directives, application of best practices recommended by the CDC as well as innovative approaches to protect employees, clients and customers; this may include employee education support materials, on-site visits and virtual meetings. The infographic can be found here: SOAR infographic
    Please fill out the form for businesses wanting to register & expect a 2 day response time. Click here: SOAR Technical Assistance Registration  
  • Complaints about a business within Sioux Falls city limits not following CDC guidelines? There is now a form in iCarol (“Complaints about Sioux Falls Businesses during COVID”) that we can fill out with callers that goes sends the information directly to the City of SF Health Department.  You can also find the form by clicking here: City of SF COVID-19 Business Complaint
  • Sioux Falls COVID-19 news briefings will now be held as necessary; the media will receive news releases with updates.
  • Minnehaha County has been declared in a Public Health Emergency; this lays the groundwork to be able to fine individuals who are not following medically ordered isolation. At this time, however, they cannot fine anyone. 
  • Governor Noem’s executive order related to people 65+ and/or people with underlying medical conditions in Lincoln & Minnehaha counties staying home expired on May 11th.
  • Did caller previously test positive & is now requesting a letter of clearance?
    Monday through Friday from 8am to 5pmSaturday/Sunday from 9am to 2pm direct transfer the individual to 605-773-3048.
    Outside of those hours, there is a form we can complete for callers that can be found in iCarol under “Return to Work Documentation Request Form for COVID.” The form can also be found here: Return to Work Documentation Request Form
    • If a Smithfield employee calls in and requests a letter, transfer to 605-773-3048 during business hours (listed above) or fill out the Return to Work Request form after hours; if they are wondering if they should show up to work, advise them to show up for their next scheduled shift as Smithfield is receiving letters for cleared employees from the state as well and will let them know if they are cleared when they get there
  •  Homeless Individuals & COVID-19 testing:
    When an individual is needing transportation to a satellite test site: 
    1) The individual must call one of the COVID triage lines (Avera or Sanford) to be screened, must meet testing criteria AND Falls Community Health is not open (after 3:00pm and on the weekends), the COVID triage line staff will contact 211 to request transportation from the shelter to the identified test site.
    2) 211 staff will then contact Minnehaha County Human Services; Veronica is the point of contact during business hours; after 5pm the call should be directed to the on-call who will then coordinate transportation to the testing site.
    When an individual makes entry at the medical facility, the below protocol is to be followed –
    1) The medical provider will assess the individual and determine if COVID-19 testing is needed. If:
              a. No – the individual can be referred back to one of the shelters or to a community supportive program as appropriate
              b. Yes/awaiting results – the medical provider completes the necessary care and contacts Minnehaha County Human Services
      • M-F 8am-5pm: call 605-367-4217 (MCHS staff member Roni will be the primary point of contact)
      • After hours & weekends: call 211
        • The caller (who needs to be the medical provider not the patient) will be connected to the MCHS on-call staff who will address the issue
        • DO NOT give out the on-call phone number or name – even to the hospital/clinic! 
          Medical facility will transport individual to location established my MCHS. 

Financial Assistance Information

  • Use COVID-19 taxonomy for resources but also remember to utilize rent, utility, etc. taxonomies for additional resources.
  • Anyone who lives or works in the Sioux Empire (RENT ONLY, 70% of one month) click here: OneSF Fund (this is textable through iCarol!)
    • Please inform callers who are looking for the status of their application that the committee will follow up with them within 10-14 days of submitting the application; delays may be caused due to employment verification holding the process up so you can encourage caller’s to let their employer know that a verification email was sent to them for completion
    • Any other calls or emails regarding OneSF can be forwarded to Susie (be sure to attach the Financial Assistance COVID-19 referral!)
    • Assistance for the remainder of the 30% of rent that wasn’t covered: Salvation Army and/or Minnehaha County may be able to assist with the 30% not covered through OneSF (be sure to have callers tell the agency this is the reason for the call when they reach out)
    • If the caller is living in a motel and their employment was impacted by COVID-19, they are eligible to apply and their “rent” can be paid to the motel.  
    • The OneSF Committee has opened a new application for those who have already received funding and are in need of a second round of funding. An email was sent to a new batch of eligible recipients on 5/22; the deadline to complete ALL rental applications (1st or 2nd round) is May 31st. 
      • NOTE: This is a different application than the one we can text through iCarol and the one on our website. If someone needs assistance completing the second application, you can find it here: OneSF Additional Application  (this is not textable! – caller can access the application on their own from the link in the email that was sent to them)
  • In Western SD ALL rental assistance needs to go through Pennington County Health & Human Services first!
  • In Brookings and Vermillion refer callers needing any type of financial assistance to the Salvation Army
  • Anyone who lives and works in Beadle County click here: Beadle County Rental Assistance Fund (this is textable through iCarol!) – people are eligible to apply for this a second time by completing the application again
  • Anyone in the Capital Area (Hughes & Stanley Counties) click here: Capital Area Community Response & Recovery Fund (this is textable through iCarol!)
    • The application asks people to list their most pressing financial needs, it is not exclusive to one type of assistance

Food & Necessity Information

  • Statewide Food Distribution sites? Click here: Food Lists (sort by city at the top of the page)
    • NOTE: Distributions through the SF School District have changed to M-W-F distributions at the same 6 locations from 11:30am-12:30pm. Children will get 2 meals on some days to cover the days that distribution isn’t happening. (this information can be found on the Food List link above too)
  • Centralized Sioux Falls Food Distribution? Location change effective 6/1/20!!! Click here: SF Food Distribution Sign-up  (you can fill this out for the caller or this is texable through iCarol!)
    • One time registration – callers only need to register with us 1 time but will need to verify information each time at the distribution site
    • Tuesday & Thursday @ vacated Fareway store on 41st Street. Please enter from 41st Street between the 18th Amendment and Pancheros anytime between 1pm-7pm (everyone gets the same thing; earlier arrivals won’t get more food than later arrivals)
    • Individuals are eligible to receive food once every other week
    • YOU MUST BE PRESENT WITH YOUR ID to receive food. You cannot send someone with your ID to pick up food for you – no exceptions!
    • There is a 2 household max per car – no exceptions!
  • Callers statewide who do not have transportation to food distribution sites, who are home-bound or who need necessities? Click here: CoronaHelp
    (you can fill this out for the caller or this is textable through iCarol!) 
    • Starting 5/25 CoronaHelpSF will make phone calls to set up deliveries Monday, Wednesday & Friday mornings and deliver Tuesday, Thursday & Saturdays between 1-3pm. (NOTE: if someone registers at 3 pm Monday, they won’t be called until Wednesday for a Thursday delivery)
    • NEW! No deliveries to Bishop Dudley, UGM or Children’s Inn (they are willing to assist someone that is transitioning from these places to a more permanent location though)
  • Is your caller homeless, being quarantined at a hotel & requesting food? Callers who are being housed at Sleep Inn (this location is not public knowledge) by the county due to a positive COVID-19 test are delivered 3 meals – breakfast, lunch & dinner – every day by Rollin Pin. Please verify with the caller that they are receiving these meals & inform them that, unfortunately, there are no other resources for food at this time (what the county is providing should be sufficient).  Please do not complete an additional CoronaHelpSF request form for these individuals.

Donation Information (Masks, Food, Financial)

  • Statewide cloth mask donations? Click here: Cloth Mask Donation Sign Ups (you can help callers sign up or this is textable through iCarol!)
    • Callers can choose the organization they’d like to donate masks to as well as how many masks they’d like to donate
    • Once the form is submitted, an email with how to deliver masks to the chosen organization will be sent to the email provided on the sign-up form
      • NOTE: if someone is selling masks, you can offer to take their information (we will not pass this information along to anyone as the SD DOH has their vendors secured) 
  • Is your caller from the Black Hills & looking for a mask? There are 2 organizations that provide masks for individuals
    • Spearfish Area: Individuals in the Spearfish area, looking for face masks during COVID-19, can fill out a request form in order to get a mask:
    • Rapid City Area: Individuals that need 10 or fewer completed masks can go to Western Dakota Tech on Monday, Wednesday or Friday between 9am-12pm, pull up at the front main entrance, call the phone number on the door (605-718-3088) & follow the prompts. 
      NOTE: both of these options can be found & texted by utilizing Masks*COVID19 taxonomy in iCarol
    • If a nonprofit agency is requesting masks, direct them (or help them!) to fill out the form at & then choose the sign-up here option
  • Food donations? At this time, unless from a retail or wholesale donor, individual food donations are not being accepted.
  • Financial donations? Financial Donations can be made directly to FeedingSD or CoronaHelpSD on their individual websites. OneSF donations can be made on the same page as the application on our website.

COVID-19 General Information

  • Hospital Medical Lines
    • Avera: 1-877-282-8372
    • Sanford: 1-605-333-4444
    • Monument: 1-800-279-1466
    • Huron: 605-353-6214
    • Brookings: 605-692-2811 (M-F 8am-5pm)
    • Watertown: 605-753-1408  (M-F 9am-9pm, Saturday 9am-1pm, Sunday 1pm-5pm)
  • DOH Lines for Medical Providers
    • 605-773-3737
    • 605-773-3368
  • ANY call related to COVID-19 needs to have at least one COVID-19 referral attached – you can choose all taxonomies that apply
    (NOTE: There is a L&S COVID-19 taxonomy option!!)
  • The CDC has slightly updated their guidelines about COVID-19’s livelihood on surfaces – noting that it “does not spread easily in that manner” but also emphasizing that “it may be possible for COVID-19 to spread in other ways than person-to-person, but these are not thought to be the main ways the virus spreads.” Find the updated guidance here: How COVID-19 Spreads
  • Questions about Governor Noem’s ‘Back to Normal’ Plan? Click here: SD Back to Normal Plan (this is also a textable link through iCarol!)
    • The message we are currently delivering is to follow local ordinances (i.e. Sioux Falls, Rapid City, Oglala Sioux Tribe, etc.)     
  • Calls about people not quarantining? The DOH provided guidance to us that while people are strongly recommended to follow CDC guidelines when it comes to quarantining, it’s hard to enforce the quarantine. There is much more authority to follow through and enforce people who are supposed to be isolating
    • Confused about the terminology? Someone who has been exposed or in direct contact would be instructed to quarantine while someone who has tested positive would be instructed to isolate
  • Any first responders can submit their PPE requests to the following email: (these requests will be filled based on availability of supplies & cannot be guaranteed)
  • There is now a statewide complaint form that we can complete for callers who have a complaint about a business outside of SF not following CDC guidelines. Find this in iCarol under “Complaints about South Dakota Businesses (other than SF) during COVID”. You can also find the form by clicking here: Complaints about South Dakota Businesses (outside of SF)  
  • Questions about holding events? Guidance provided by the state DOH is as follows –
    • The state is not advising whether or not to move forward with an event.
    • Event organizers should review the latest data on the COVID.SD.GOV website to help in decision making process.
    • If organizers make the decision to go forward with hosting such an event, they should make sure to discuss the event with the local leaders where the event will be held for their input.
    • Event organizers should also review the CDC guidance on gatherings at to guide their discussions and efforts.
  • Businesses with a positive case do not need to report case to the DOH, as the DOH already knows.  If after talking with them about CDC guidelines, they need additional reassurance please e-mail Jamie information.  ***(A person who tests positive may potentially return to work sooner than a person who has been in contact; a person can return to work after based on the CDC recommendations below, while a person in contact needs to quarantine for the full 14 days).
    CDC recommendations on when someone can return to work are as follows:
    • No fever for at least 72 hours (that is three full days of no fever without the use medicine that reduces fevers)
    • Other symptoms have improved (for example, when your cough or shortness of breath have improved)
    • At least 10 days have passed since your symptoms first appeared (the previous CDC recommendation was 7 days
  • There is now a main section on the Helpline Center COVID-19 webpage for translated information.
  • Did caller previously test positive & is now requesting a letter of clearance?
    Monday through Friday from 8am to 5pmSaturday/Sunday from 9am to 2pm direct transfer the individual to 605-773-3048.
    Outside of those hours, there is a form we can complete for callers that can be found in iCarol under “Return to Work Documentation Request Form for COVID.” The form can also be found here: Return to Work Documentation Request Form 
    • If a Smithfield employee calls in and requests a letter, transfer to 605-773-3048 during business hours (listed above) or fill out the Return to Work Request form after hours; if they are wondering if they should show up to work, advise them to show up for their next scheduled shift as Smithfield is receiving letters for cleared employees from the state as well and will let them know if they are cleared when they get there
  • Questions about exposure? Click here:  What Should I Do Flowchart 
  • Questions about antibody testing at Monument Health? Click here: Monument Health Serology Testing 
  • Questions about the CARE19 phone app? Click here: CARE19 Phone App FAQ  (this app is now available for Android users; the easiest way to find it is to go to the website, click on care19 app & then download from there)
  • What does pending mean relating to COVID-19 cases? Tests currently pending at the South Dakota Public Health Lab are reflected on the DOH website; this number does not include pending results at private labs. If you have been tested and are waiting for results, contact your healthcare provider.
  • Questions about the statewide Hydroxychloroquine Clinical Trial in South Dakota? This is a conversation that they need to have with their healthcare provider when they’ve tested positive or exposed. There’s no guarantees that they will take part in this clinical trial. If they are adamant about further info provide the Sanford number (605-333-4444) as they are spearheading the trial.

  • Questions about a positive case in a county disappearing? Inform caller that some previously reported cases have been changed to different counties based upon new information obtained in the investigation of these cases.
  •   Questions about the CARES Act or federal stimulus package? Click here: CARES Act Helpsheet
    (this is textable through iCarol!)
    • There is a link on this Helpsheet to check status and update direct deposit information
    • If someone receives SSI, has dependent children and did not file 2018 or 2019 tax return, they needed to complete the IRS’ Non-Filer’s webpage to provide information about their children before May 5th (if they did not complete by this timeline, they may wait extended periods of time before receiving the $500/dependent stimulus portion)
    • People still waiting on their stimulus checks had until 12pm on Wednesday, 5/13 to use the “Get My Payment” portal on the IRS website to input their direct deposit information (if they did not complete by this timeline, they will have to wait for their check to arrive via mail)
    • If someone qualifies for an Economic Impact Payment, the government might mail them the money on a prepaid VISA debit card issued by Metabank. DO NOT THROW THIS CARD AWAY as it is needed to access the funds.
  • Questions about receiving a text message from the DOH? The SD DOH is attempting to reach people by phone prior to sending out any text. If they do send out a text, the text will not say DOH due to HIPPA privacy stipulations. Any text that identifies themselves as the DOH should be handled with caution as it is potentially a scam.
  • Questions about recovered COVID-19 patients donating plasma? Refer them to the Red Cross.
    (See link for more info: Plasma Donations from Recovered Patients)
  • Calls from Facilities asking if they are eligible for mass testing,  have caller send an e-mail to  Do not provide phone number to DOH call center unless an e-mail is not an option DOH call center: 605-773-3048
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