Call 2-1-1 to file a Damage Report

Additional Damage Reporting and Debris Collection by Location

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City of Sioux Falls Live Storm Response Updates are found on the City of Sioux Falls Website

Large trees in the street will be picked up by the city, but other than that the city is NOT doing any debris pickup.  If you believe your property was missed or still has large wood debris such as stumps or root balls that were not picked up originally by the city please submit a report through the City's Reporting System.

The City of Sioux Falls is operating Debris drop off sites now, free of charge through the end of June at the following locations:


Sioux Falls Regional Sanitary Landfill 12th and Lyons Mueller Pallets

26750 464th Ave

Hartford, SD 57033


Mon-Sat: 7:30 a.m.–5 p.m.

Sunday: Closed

Visit for rates and fees

100 North Lyon Boulevard

Sioux Falls, SD 57104
behind Taco Bell


Mon–Sunday: 8 a.m.–8 p.m.

People can enter from 12th St. and Kiwanis Ave.


Wood Debris Only

27163 471st Avenue

Sioux Falls, SD, 57108


Mon–Fri: 7 a.m.–5 p.m.

Saturday: 7 a.m.–12 p.m.

Sunday: Closed


Wood Debris Only

Tipping Fees will be reinstated
starting Friday, July 1, 2022.
Final day of operations will be Thursday, June 30, 2022. Mueller Pallets is open year-round except for major Holidays.

For Assistance with removing large trees from your yard you will need to contact a certified arborist.  The City of Sioux Falls maintains a list of Certified Arborist on the Parks and Recreation Website.


For tree and branch debris the City Drop Off Site (Located half a mile east on Heritage Parkway and First Street, on the south side of the road) is open through May 22nd daily 8 AM to 8 PM. TREES and BRANCHES ONLY.

Keep up to date with information from the City of Brookings on the City of Brookings Website.

Sign up to receive text message and email updates updates at on the City of Brookings Website.

The City has set up a call line for residents It is to be used for trees in alleys, streets or public rights-of-way in Brookings City and County. Please note that this line is not to be utilized for residential private property. This line is also available and should be contacted if residents are in need of housing and are displaced. The call line is:


The Brookings Regional Landfill is currently open for accepting trees and branches. When utilizing the landfill for branches/trees please go to the Citizen Campus which is located on the right upon entering the Landfill entrance. Brookings City Solid Waste cart collections will currently operate as scheduled.

Are we still working on debris pick up?

Yes. The city is still working its' way through the town picking up tree storm debris. Once the crews have gone through the city once, they will return for a second round of collection. Residents can continue to place storm debris items on the boulevards.

Will the City pick up construction storm debris?

yes, once the trees have been picked up, crews will come around to collect construction storm debris. Please keep construction debris and tree debris in separate piles on your boulevard.

Can we put other items out for collection that are not storm related?

No, only put out storm debris. Residents can dispose of other items to the restricted use site, yard waste site, or the salvage yards, and appropriate fees will be charged.

Do you have a time frame on when you will be in my neighborhood?

No, the city is unable to provide residents with a time frame for collections. Some neighborhoods were hit harder than others, so it may take more time in some areas than others. Please be patient and they will get to everyone.

Are you picking up outside of city limits?

No, city crews will only collect items from boulevards within city limits.

What are the hours of the Restricted Use Site?

Hours: 9:00am - 12noon & 1:00pm - 4:00pm (CT), Monday - Saturday

Location: 23241 446th Ave (2 miles west and 1/2 miles north of Junius)

All construction debris needs to be taken to the Restricted Use Site. Fees will be waived for storm debris at this time. Hours of operation and fee schedule will be re-evaluated on a week by week basis.

Call the Public Works Office with additional questions at (605) 256-7515, option 5.

Attention Huron Residents:

A temporary tree disposal site has been set up in the west Splash Central parking lot (345 9th St SW) for citizens.  Bring your tree branches and tree limbs ONLY to Splash Central parking lot. Please unload by the barrel in the parking lot. Please only bring tree branches and tree limbs from the storm! NO GARBAGE of any kind.

In Huron: If you see a line that is down call 1-800-245-6977 (Northwestern Energy)

If you have damage from today's storm and would like to report it please call the following numbers:



If you have debris from the storm, that should not go to a city burn site, basically anything that's not a form of tree, a dumping site is now started at the city lot just off of Main Street in Salem. You can bring any non-tree material here to the site. Roll off dumpsters should be arriving shortly as well.

Insurance Information: Most of the local insurance agents are in the basement of the McCook County Courthouse for those needing to file claims for damage.  The courthouse has power and they are standing by to assist you. 

The City of Castlewood Community Center is providing food to all affected residents - 204 Main Street


Cleanup has started!  Please keep kids and pets OUT of the road. There is a lot of large equipment moving and we would like to keep everyone safe.  The only way to enter town is by Cat's Convenience Store. DO NOT TRY TO COME IN ANY OTHER WAY. You will be required to check in.

If you have equipment you are bringing to town and would like to volunteer, please enter by Cat's and you will be given an equipment card. From there, you will be required to come to City Hall Community Center to check in with your name, phone number, and type of equipment. Equipment can be staged at the empty Elevator lot on the SW side of town.  The plan is to start on Main St and work our way North and South. If you are wanting to volunteer or NEED volunteers, please come sign in at the City Finance Office in the window.

We have had a lot of power related questions. Ottertail is bringing in a crew TOMORROW, Saturday May 14th and they will be repairing all the lines. For now, do not use generators if possible. We want to ensure there is fuel for any volunteer and Fire Department Vehicles. Again, please keep the roads clear and keep your children and pets away from any trucks. This ensures fast repairs and avoids any injuries.

Donations can be brought to City Hall as well. There will also be a donation fund set up with the Castlewood Community Foundation to help cover any storm related costs. Checks/Cash can be brought to City Hall or given to Breanna Beebe or Lois Junker Wiarda.

The City Dump will only be open to those working and volunteering. There will be a signup sheet for that as well. When cutting down trees, please do NOT remove tree stumps at this time so we can avoid hitting any gas or power lines. Cut at the stump only!! Debris should be separated into town piles: trees and building materials. Please place them on the edge of your property for easy clean up.

There will be someone in the City Office periodically throughout the day coordinating services but please be aware that answering messages and calls will be difficult at this time. Please come down to City Hall and see Cassidy Rae Borer or Brian Ries if you have immediate questions.


For the safety of the Public and City Staff, there are certain parameters in place. To learn about how and where to dispose of the debris resulting from the storm accessing the Vermillion City Website - Press Release.

The City of Vermillion Street Department has already begun the task of cleaning up from yesterday's weather event. Residents can place tree limbs in the public right of way. DEADLINE TO HAVE LIMBS IN THE RIGHT OF WAY IS MONDAY, MAY 16 AT 8 AM. City Staff will not enter private property to clear tree limbs.

Any individuals wanting to volunteer to help with clean-up efforts, please call the Emergency Management Office at (605) 874-8189.