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Substance Use Care Coordination

It is no simple thing to change major parts of one’s life in order to find wellness. If you, your loved one or any individual is struggling with substance use, there is hope and help. Please reach out by calling the South Dakota Resource Hotline: 1-800-920-4343, text ‘opioid’ to 898211 for resources at your fingertips or text ‘onmeth‘ to 898211 for live support.

Resources are available to assist through the journey. The Substance Use Care Coordination program walks alongside someone in the process by connecting, supporting, and encouraging.

Prevention Program Overview video

Care Coordination Overview video

What is Substance Use Care Coordination?

Substance Use Care Coordination connects those that are seeking resources to help and assists in mapping a clear pathway to recovery. It is a safe place to find resources to navigate and an advocate for the process. The Substance Use Care Coordination call will:
    1.   Assist individuals with connection to initial assessments for treatment,
           treatment options, counseling and social supports.
     2.  Provide supportive phone calls.
     3.  Assist individuals with barriers to wellness such as housing,
           transportation, or employment.
     4.  Assess individuals for additional behavioral health needs.

Click here to see how Care Coordination works.

Sign Up for Care Coordination

To refer yourself or an individual, choose one of the options below:

1. Print and fax this Intake form to 605-332-1333.
2. Click here to submit the information online.

Once the referral is received, a Care Coordinator will call the individual to initiate the care program.


  1. Care Coordination: Coordination Poster
  2. Resource Guide:  Supporting your loved one with a Substance Use Disorder: This guide is for you, the family member, friend, or loved one of an individual living with a substance use disorder, to assist in the path towards recovery. To request print copies, please complete this form.
  3. For more information about support regarding specific substances, visit:
  4. Medication Safeguarding:
    1. DisposeRx packets contain an FDA-approved ingredient that chemically and physically neutralizes the drugs when mixed with water. It can be used with pills, tablets, capsules, liquids and powders and thrown away safely at home. To request DisposeRx packets to be mailed directly you, please complete this form
    2. Safer Lock Box is a 4-digit, 10,000 combination locking medicine box. It allows storage of all prescription and over the counter medications in one secure place, and assists in protecting family members from accidental poisoning or medicine misuse. To request a Safer Lock Box, please complete this form.                                                                                   

To learn more, please contact Taylor Funke at or 1-800-920-4343.