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Taking Care of Me!

There are many things we can do to take care of ourselves; physically, emotionally, and mentally.  Sometimes, a change in one area can positively impact change in other areas. Here are some ideas to consider.

Physical Health:

  • eating nutritious foods
  • exercising
  • drinking plenty of water
  • getting good sleep

Emotional Health:

  • learning to say no (or some other sentence to create distance/boundaries) to unhealthy people, places, activities
  • growing your circle of friends and support system
  • improve self-confidence by taking on new hobbies, skills or tasks

Mental Health:

  • Relaxation techniques  can help us move through any disturbing/upsetting feelings. When practiced often, they can become a tool for maintaining a healthy mind set.
    • Focused breathing
    • Body scan/muscle relaxation
    • Guided imagery
    • Meditation
    • Repetitive prayer/saying
  • Individual Therapy – Some people benefit from talk therapy. Find a therapist that specializes in areas of your concern.
  • Medication Assessment – Sometimes, individuals need medications to help provide their brains with the balance of chemicals that it needs to function at it’s best. A psychiatrist is a doctor that can help you with that. Call to set up an initial assessment.

Natural / Alternative Therapies:

  • Some people find natural therapies helpful such as vitamins/supplements, yoga, acupuncture, essential oils, massage, etc. Please consult with your physician. 

Online Resources / Apps:

  • There are some great e-resources to help you learn more about your mood by tracking it, identifying triggers, fluxuations and potential relaxation techniques
    • Youper
    • Mood Tracker with Emotional AI
    • Mood Diary
    • Emotional Quotent
    • WeFeel – Emotional fitness

For more information, call 211 or search our online database at:


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