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Significant portions of Eastern South Dakota are experiencing or expecting water levels at or above where they were in Spring of this year. If you experienced flooding in March/Spring of 2019, take the necessary steps to protect your property.

Brookings County

  • To report damage, call 211.
  • For residents wanting to volunteer, at this time there are no volunteer assignments available. To sign up if they become available, please call 211.
  • County roads that were recently closed due to flooding have been inspected by the Highway Department and have been reopened. Although county roads are open again, this does not include Township roads. Please do not go around any barriers that may be blocking these roadways.
    • Brookings County Gravel Road # 14 (219th Street) between 462nd Ave and 463rd Ave (Pederson Slough Area) is still CLOSED until further notice.

Lake County (Madison)

  • For residents that need help
    • Call 211
  • For up to date information in Lake County, visit their website here.
  • Public Works Update: 
    • City crews have completed the flood debris clean up.  If we missed anything, please call the public works department at 256-7515.
    • Appliances needed to be empty to ensure collection.  Some were left as they had food or debris still in them.  Residents need to empty them and take them to Resykle Salvage Yard located on the bypass.
    • The Restricted Use Site will be open extended hours through October 5th
    • Monday – Friday, 8:00am – 12:00noon, 1:00pm – 4:00pm and Saturday, 9:00am – 1:00pm
  • Beginning on Monday, October 7th the Restricted Use Site will return to normal hours of:
    • Monday – Thursday, 1:30pm – 4:00pm and Friday – Saturday, 9:00am – 1:00pm 
  • Lake County Residents will be allowed to drop flood debris, free of charge, at the Restricted Use Site through Saturday October 12th.  This is for flood debris only.  All other debris is subject to normal charges of $10.00 per cubic yard.
  • The electronic drop off event is scheduled for Saturday, October 19th from 9:00am – 3:00pm at the Madison Recycling Center
    • This is a drop off event, no electronic items will be picked up curbside.
  • Lake Area Recovery Network (LARN)
    • LARN has decided to operate the organization through ICAP (Interlakes Community Action Partnership).
    • Any individual may apply to LARN for assistance for these key needs:
      • Sump pumps, either with hoses if needed or without hoses
      • Dehumidifier
      • Up to 2 box fans
    • Contact the ICAP main office (605) 256-6518, Ext. 0. The receptionist can direct you to the staff who can help.

McCook County

  • To report damage, call 211
  • Shelters have been closed
  • Water restriction lifted
  • In Montrose, bring all hazardous materials that need to be disposed of to the City shop. A pile will be started there for disposal. Hazardous waste includes: cleaners, stains, varnishes, batteries, automotive fluids, pesticides, herbicides, certain paints, etc.)
  • Sandbags that are no longer being used should be placed in the dump truck located at the sandbag fill area in Montrose
  • Disposing of flood related debris: there are dumpsters available on Main Street where you can take your flood damaged items.
  • Garbage in Montrose:  Addy will pick up 2 weeks’ worth of garbage on Friday. They will also be picking up Recycling. The regular recycling schedule will resume the following week, so there will be two weeks in a row of recycling pickup.
    • Only regular household trash will be picked up. If you put flood damaged items out with your garbage, it will be left behind.

Miner County

  • To report damage, call 211.
  • For residents wanting to volunteer, at this time there are no volunteer assignments available.

Minnehaha County (outside of Sioux Falls)

  • Dell Rapids
    • The rubble site is accepting rubble (furniture, carpet, etc) free of charge for items impacted by the flood
    • Keep up to date with the City of Dell Rapids by texting DELLS to (605) 206-2927

 Minnehaha County (Sioux Falls)

  • Sioux Falls roads
    • The City has a road closure map for the streets of Sioux Falls (also known as hazardous location map).
    • If you drive around a barricade in Sioux Falls, you risk a fine of $122.50, or ruin to your car (which would be more costly).
  • Shelter
    • The Red Cross shelter is closed
  • Road:
    • With water levels along 60th Street North receding, Public Works staff has inspected the two bridges located in the section of road impacted by flooding. A wash out has been discovered on the smaller of the two bridges. The City is working with a bridge consultant, Clark Engineering to put together a plan set, and will meet contractors on site to determine the scope of the work
      needed to repair the bridge.
    • 60th Street North will remain closed until repairs are completed.

Moody County

  • Moody County residents are encouraged:
    • To report damage, call 211
    • For residents wanting to volunteer, watch the Moody County Sheriff’s Facebook page for updates. At this time, no volunteer assignments have been organized. Currently, there is no sandbagging and no shelter.
  • American Red Cross Shelter in Trent has closed

Turner County

  • To report damage, call 211

Yankton County

  • To report (structural) damage, call 211
  • Red Cross Shelter for those displaced
    • The Center: 900 Whiting Drive, Yankton, SD 57078
    • The Shelter will remain open as long as their is a need. 
  • The public is advised to stay off all closed county roads and bridges to avoid potential emergency situations for drivers who may become stranded.  The fine for driving around barriers is a steep one.  Don’t put yourself or first responders lives at risk.   In addition, please do not stand on bridges that are closed.  
  • Also, please stay off the James River in recreational vehicles at this time. 
  • The Yankton County Highway Superintendent in conjunction with Yankton County Emergency Management is notifying the public of area road and bridge closures impacting Yankton County. In order to keep you safe and as informed as possible and to help you locate alternate routes, we are posting a link to the latest interactive flooding and road closure map here. 
  • City of Yankton Transfer station/Landfill (1200 W. 23rd Street):
    • Is open for no cost disposal of flood damaged debris from properties within Yankton County. Only flood damaged items from properties located in Yankton County are eligible. Participations must show verification of name and address. Loads will be weighed and written records collected from participants. Loads must be strictly flood damaged materials, no mixed loads. Attempting to include items not impacted by the flood will decrease our community’s ability to apply for disaster aid funding programs.
    • Eligible storm damaged items include:
      • Damaged sheet rock, carpet, and other building materials
      • Furniture and other flood damaged household items
      • Tree branches (no cost disposal available at any time)
    • Ineligible items include:
      • Tires
      • Refrigerators, air conditioners, dehumidifiers, motor oils, or automotive-type batteries
      • Paints, thinners, painting oils, and other house hold hazardous waste.
      • All other items not damaged by the flood event.
    • Will be open September 18, 2019 – October 19, 2019.
      • 8:00am – 3:45pm, Monday – Saturday 
    • Questions? Call (605) 668-5212.

Shelter for Displaced Residents and Relief Workers

  • AirBnB is offering its Open Homes program to people who are displaced because of recent tornadoes and flooding in South Dakota.
    • The program is being offered through October 4 and is available to those in need in South Dakota and surrounding states.

Veterans Needing Assistance

An emergency relief fund has been set up for veterans that were negatively impacted by recent weather incidents (flood and tornado). Veterans contact Owen at the VA and he will start the process of funding relief (605) 333-6896.

Counties Other Than Those Listed Above

Contact the Red Cross – (844) 292-7677 (1-844-29CROSS). A dispatcher will take information and you will receive call back.

Helpful Information – Flood Preparation and Clean Up

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