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Learn About Safety Planning

Safety Planning is used to provide people who are experiencing suicidal ideation with a specific set of concrete strategies to use in order to decrease the risk of suicidal behavior. The safety plan includes coping strategies that may be used and individuals or agencies that may be contacted during a crisis. The 6 basic steps of a safety plan include:
  1. Recognizing the warning signs of an impending suicidal crisis
  2. Using your own coping strategies
  3. Contacting others in order to distract from suicidal thoughts
  4. Contacting family members or friends who may help to resolve the crisis
  5. Contacting mental health professionals or agencies
  6. Reducing the availability of means to suicide
Dr. Barbara Stanley and Dr. Greg Brown worked with the Department of Veteran Affairs to create a safety plan for use with veterans at risk of suicide. For detailed information on their effort, please see Safety Plan Treatment Manual to Reduce Suicide Risk: Veteran Version MY3 AppWith MY3, you define your network and your plan to stay safe. With MY3 you can be prepared to help yourself or a friend in need to be able to reach out to others when there are thoughts of suicide. MY3 is available in the Apple App Store and Google Play, free of charge.  
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