Community Information Exchange

South Dakota’s Community Information Exchange (CIE) is a statewide collaboration of health care, human and social service providers sharing information using an integrated technology platform and referral system to coordinate whole-person care.

To streamline connection between health care, human and social service providers to address social needs and advance health improvement among populations at higher risk and that are underserved.


CIE Benefits


Individual Benefits:
• Quicker connection to appropriate services
• Telling your story only once
• Screening identifies additional needs
• Elevated level of care and satisfaction

Partner Benefits:
• Access to comprehensive resource database
• Streamlined referrals and communication between providers
• Shared client story promotes rapid identification of social needs
• Organizations can more effectively serve community members
• Access to outcome data for measuring impact

Community Benefits:
• Community data to inform policy, planning, and investment
• Identification of unmet needs and barriers to access services
• Infrastructure more effectively serves community members