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July Black Hills Volunteer of the Month Announced

Pictured left to right: Dione Krush of Bethany Christian Services, Lyn Haug July 2021 Volunteer of the Month, Audrey Nordine of Helpline Center, and Kathy Minnick of Black Hills Urgent Care and Surgical Hospital

 RAPID CITY – The Helpline Center and Black Hills Urgent Care are pleased to announce that Lyn Haug has been named the July 2021 Volunteer of the Month. Lyn was nominated by Bethany Christian Services.The Volunteer of the Month program is sponsored by the Helpline Center and Black Hills Urgent Care, a division of Black Hills Surgical Hospital. Volunteer of the Month recognizes outstanding individuals who make the community stronger through volunteerism.

Lyn Haug has been a tremendous, dedicated volunteer at Bethany Christian Services for more than 5 years. With her talent, time, and skills Lyn brings new quilts on a monthly basis to the organization. Each of the quilts is unique, beautiful and special. Each of the quilts makes their way to families supported at Bethany Christian Services. Families and children are always thrilled to receive one of her treasures! As Lyn drops off each month, it is clear that she takes her time, and puts love into each of these special gifts.

As with Bethany’s motto, believing everyone deserves to be safe, loved, and connected, this is exactly what Lyn’s volunteering and talent bring to those served!

Helpline Center and Black Hills Urgent Care and Surgical Hospital presented Lyn with a Volunteer of the Month certificate, a letter from Mayor Allender, and gifts from Black Hills Urgent Care and Surgical Hospital as a thank you for her volunteer service.

For information on volunteer opportunities, please call the Helpline Center at 211 or visit

Black Hills Volunteer of the Month Sponsored by:

2021-2022 Volunteers of the Month
June 2021- Rapid City Area Schools/Teen Up, Hannah Churchill
July 2021- Bethany Christian Services, Lyn Haug

2020-2021 Volunteers of the Month
June 2020- Rapid City Area Schools/Teen Up, Sydney Kincart 
July 2020- Allied Arts, Lindsey Myers
August 2020- Wellfully
September 2020- Seventh Circuit CASA Program, Karie Kennedy
October 2020- Pennington County Housing, Robert and Amanda Munyan 
November 2020- Salvation Army of Rapid City, Connie Chaney
December 2020- Black Hills VA Hospital Fort Meade, Peter Bonnischen
January 2021- Career Learning Center of the Black Hills, Sally Munger
February 2021- Custer YMCA, Jack Hurd
March 2021- Make-A-Wish South Dakota, Dawn Rix
April 2021- Sturgis Area Chamber of Commerce Matea Gordon
May 2021- Literacy Council of the Black Hills Maria Socorro


2019-2020 Volunteers of the Month
June 2019- Volunteers of America-Northern Rockies, Vicki Sweet
July 2019- Postpartum Support International- SD Chapter, Heather Rystrom
August 2019- Sturgis Chamber of Commerce and Visitors Bureau, Danika Gordon
September 2019- Seventh Circuit CASA Program, Margaret Evans
October 2019- Make A Wish South Dakota, Sheila McKinstry
November 2019- Rapid City Storm Special Olympics and Black Hills Works, Sandie Enger
December 2019- Love INC, Walt Boner
January 2020- Hope Center, Dustin Rodger
February 2020- Youth and Family Services, Larry and Brenda Boenisch
March 2020- Rapid City Fire Department, Diane Minion
April 2020-Rapid City Public Library, Mary Lunders
May 2020- Post 22, Lisa Castor

2018-2019 Volunteers of the Month
June 2018 – Teen Up, Alec Ruml
July 2018 -Meals On Wheels, Chris Boyle 
August 2018 – Wellfully, Adrian Romeyn 
September 2018 – RCFD, Lisa Saunders
October 2018- Special Olympics, Rapid City Flame Leadership Volunteers
November 2018- Seventh Circuit CASA, Gwen Menke
December 2018- Rapid City Young Professionals Group, Kelli Kabrud
January 2019- Club for Boys, Josh Farley
February 2019- Suncatchers Therapeutic Riding Academy, Mary Lee Rude
March 2019- Toys for Tots, Crissy Ludens
April 2019- SDSU Extension and Youth & Family Services, Janet Smith
May 2019- Goodwill of the Great Plains, Roberta Rowen

2017-2018 Volunteers of the Month
June 2017 – Doris Nelson
July 2017 – Robyn Opstedahl
August 2017 – Michelle Pope
September 2017 – Ashley Handcock
October 2017 – Paula Adkins
November 2017 – Richard Horkey
December 2017- Elena Dagit
January 2018- Trudy Schreiner
February 2018 – Sarah Hyde
March 2018 – Christine Siim
April 2018 – Tom and Carol Lefler
May 2018 – Richard “Dick” Fischer

2016-2017 Volunteers of the Month
June 2016 – Anne Miller
July 2016 – Jessica Benson
August 2016 –  Joel Guptill 
September 2016 – Conard “Gil” Gilbert
October 2016 – Joe Izzillo
November 2016 – Joyce Huber
December 2016 –  Andrew No Heart
January 2017 – Nancy Stephenson
February 2017 – Jennifer Freeman

March 2017 – Keith and Alberta Schulte
April 2017 –  Leon Lunders
May 2017 – Millie Lau  

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