211 Promotion/Marketing

The Helpline Center does a variety of outreach activities to promote 211 through our website, social media accounts, trainings, and events. We would love your help with spreading the word.  Here are some ideas you could use to raise awareness of 211 in your community:

  • The best way… word of mouth!  Encourage others to call 211, or text their zip code to 898211.
  • Hang a poster at your local organizations (download our 211 Resource Database poster). We recommend hanging these in community spaces, such as libraries, at non profit or government buildings.
  • Like us on Facebook and Instagram, and share our posts!
  • Celebrate 211 Day with us. Each year on February 11th 211 Day is celebrated across the country and we'd love to connect with you on ideas about how we can promote this in your community.
  • Download one of our 1/3 page fliers that can be used/inserted into any kind of mailing from your organization (such as utility bills, newsletters, property tax statements, etc).  Color insertBlack and white insert.
  • If you have a place to distribute printed marketing materials, or to share an announcement (PSA, Church bulletin, etc)
  • Add the Helpline Center logo and a link to our resources to your website… email our Marketing Director (marketing@helplinecenter.org).
  • If you work in a place where members of the general public search the internet, add a shortcut to our 211 Resource Database on your desktop. Reach out to us for an icon logo and the link to our database, marketing@helplinecenter.org.