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Suicide is a preventable public health concern. One of the ways we can prevent suicide is to engage in open conversation about it. There are many resources available for schools and communities to implement to be prepared to assist someone at risk for suicide.

We have a toolkit filled with resources and information about 988, check it out at the link below.

988 Toolkit

Community-Based Resources


Safe Space SD

Suicide Postvention as Suicide Prevention

The Helpline Center offers programming to assist individuals and communities after a suicide has occurred.  Learn more about postvention as prevention. For additional questions, please check out our Survivor Services.


It is important for parents to recognize changes in their child’s behavior that may indicate that something is wrong. It is not always easy to determine between the usual ups and downs of adolescent behavior and signs of something more serious. In addition, youth may be reluctant to discuss their feelings.

Safeguard Your Home- A Guide to Crisis Prevention in the Home

South Dakota Suicide Prevention: Resources for Parents/Guardians

Suicide Prevention Resource Center: Resources for Parents/Guardians/Families

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