988 There is Hope

988 is a direct connection to compassionate, accessible care and support for anyone experiencing mental health-related distress, suicide crisis, or substance use. People can also call 988 if they are worried about a loved one who may need crisis support.

The Helpline Center, in collaboration with the South Dakota Department of Social Services, remain steadfast in our work to provide help and hope to individuals when it’s needed most.

Call 988 for:

  • Help with mental-health related distress
  • Suicide crisis or having suicidal thoughts
  • Help with substance use disorders
  • Behavioral health resources and treatment options
  • 24/7 emotional support
  • Help with a loved one’s behavioral health

988 Frequently Asked Questions

988 Information

On July 16, 2022,  the phone number 988 was launched. Moving to a 3-digit code transformed the way Americans reach out for mental health help and support. The FCC selected the 988 number to elevate the awareness for mental health crisis response to the same level as calling 911 for other emergencies. It’s anticipated that 911 and 988 will quickly become the two most recognized and important phone numbers.

Of course, 988 is more than just an easy to remember number, it’s a direct connection to compassionate and professional support for anyone who might be struggling with emotional distress, experiencing suicidal thoughts, or who is concerned about a family or friend with a mental health or substance use issue.

988 is a direct 3-digit line to trained counselors who will open the door to millions of Americans to seek the help they need, while sending the message that healing, hope and help is available 24/7 every day.

What happens when you call 988?

988 officially became active on July 16, 2022. The Helpline Center answers calls, texts and chats and support individuals in crisis throughout South Dakota. The number is available 24/7, as is the chat and text options. Callers who call the easy to remember 3-digit phone number are connected with a trained counselor who will listen, provide short term counseling, offer support, and connect as needed to local behavioral health resources.

988 Resources can be found by clicking one of the links below:

What is the difference between 988 & 211

988 Toolkit

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988 in South Dakota

– 988 is answered by the Helpline Center and is staffed by individuals with advanced degrees and experience in behavioral health.
– We provide follow-up calls to individuals including, follow-up calls for mobile crisis team referrals, discharges from stabilization units and appropriate regional facilities.
– Partner with 911 PSAP’s, psychiatric inpatient units, stabilization units and appropriate regional facilities.
– Text and chat services are offered through 988.
– There are national, statewide and local marketing campaigns promoting 988. If you’re interested in promotional materials, click on this request form link.
– The big part of the continued success of 988 will be the partnerships and collaboration with all services on the crisis continuum.
– We encourage you to check out our 988 Toolkit here.

Differences between 211 and 988

988 and 211 are answered by Helpline Center staff. Individuals can connect with either number, and the reasons for calling either number vary by need. To learn more about the various ways we can help, click on the video and/or image below.

How can 988 help?

The 988 crisis line:

– Connects a person in a mental health crisis to a trained counselor who can address their immediate needs and help connect them to ongoing care.

– Reduces use of law enforcement, public health and public safety.

– Meets the growing need for crisis response systems.

– Helps end the stigma toward those seeking or accessing mental health care.

Which to call: 211 vs. 988 vs. 911

Which number to call: 211 or 988 or 911, click on the image below to learn more.