Suicide Information

Suicide is a preventable public health concern. One of the ways we can prevent suicide is to engage in open conversation about it. There are many resources available for schools and communities to implement to be prepared to assist someone at risk for suicide.

School-Based Resources

Suicide prevention efforts in schools are typically led by school counselors, mental health professionals, or social workers. However, it is important to know that a comprehensive suicide prevention program includes education components for school administrators, faculty, staff, parents and students. This helps to create an entire school community that is prepared to assist someone at risk of suicide.

Community-Based Resources

It is important for a school community to have a crisis plan in place, ideally before there is a suicide loss. This helps the school and others involved to be aware of the critical roles they play in providing resources and support and to be able to respond in an organized manner following a death by suicide or suicide attempt.

Resource Guides

The Helpline Center produces resource guides in cooperation with local funding partners. The guides do not contain all of the programs found in the Helpline Center Resource Database but do provide a starting point for resource information in certain communities.

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