Novem-Burn for Hope

Grow Sideburns for Charity!

Sioux Falls is kicking off “Novem-Burn for Hope,” raising both funds and awareness for the Operation Hope Fund as the community is invited to join a number of city officials who will grow sideburns throughout the month — an attempt to emulate Sioux Falls Police Chief Jon Thum. Every November, officials grow out their facial hair for the fundraiser Novem-Burn. Funds raised from the event go back to the Hope Fund. Officials with the City of Sioux Falls are starting their facial hair fundraising effort Novem-burn.

The month-long fundraiser will benefit Operation Hope, a fund that works with the Link Triage Center and the Helpline Center to help those struggling with addiction, anxiety, and depression.

Donations can be made through the Sioux Falls Area Community Foundation or to @NovemBurnForHope on Venmo.