Reporting Suicidal Comments Made on Social Media

Sometimes on social media, we may come across a comment/post someone has made about the possibility of suicide. Whether it is made by a loved one, friend, or complete stranger it is important to take it seriously.  If you feel their life is in immediate danger, dial 911 and ask for a well-being check.

The Helpline Center has staff available 24/7 to help support you and talk through your concerns. You can reach the Helpline Center by calling the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 9-8-8.  A trained crisis worker can help develop next steps based on the individual situation. Sometimes, that plan might involve contacting the social media outlet where the comment was made.

If you don’t have any other information about the individual other than the post on social media, you can alert the social media outlets through the following channels:

  • Facebook: Click here ( to anonymously report someone as suicidal on Facebook. A member of Facebook’s Safety Team will send the user an e-mail with the Lifeline number and possibly a link to chat with Lifeline counselor.. Click Here for a brief video, From reporting to supporting, to learn how to offer support.
  • Twitter: Click here ( Use this form to report possible threats of suicide or any other form of self-harm.
  • YouTube: To report suicide or self-harm while watching a video, click “More”  Highlight and click “Report” in the drop-down menu. Click “Harmful dangerous acts,” then “Suicide or self-injury.” YouTube will review the video and may send a message to the uploader with the Lifeline number.
  • Instagram: To report posts about suicide or self-harm on Instagram: Tap “…” below the post, Tap Report Inappropriate, Select This Photo Puts People At Risk > Self-Harm.
  • Snapchat: To report a safety concern, press and hold on that Snapchatter’s name and tap the gear button. Then, tap ‘Report’ and reach out to Snapchat, and follow the prompts.
  • Periscope: If you come across sensitive content on the Periscope app, report the broadcast directly through there. When watching a broadcast on iOS or Android, select the three dot symbol next to the comment field (Say something…) and tap the ‘Report Broadcast’ button. Once you have selected this, you will be prompted to select a reason for the report. The reasons you can select are ‘Self-Harm,’ ‘Violence,’ ‘Sexual Content,’ and ‘Child Safety.’ Learn how to report content on the site and comments by clicking the link below.

For more information, call 211 or search our online database:

  • Enter your zip code
    • Select Crisis category
    • Select Suicide Prevention and Support category


Disclaimer: This HelpSheet is developed by the Helpline Center. HelpSheets provide a brief overview of the designated topic. For more information, call 211 or text your zip code to 898211.

Updated: June 2023